Cumberland Golf Club Opens for 90th Season

Former Golf Club Manager, Tony Diehl waves from Hole 9 on the Cumberland Golf Course to let you know that the Club is open for the season.

by Tony Diehl

The Cumberland Golf Club is now open for its 90th season amid a buzz of excitement.  Over the last four years, this golf course and clubhouse have seen dramatic changes take place.  Three years ago, extensive and thoughtful tree removal took place, enhancing and highlighting each hole, while making it more playable and user friendly. The integrity of each existing hole was maintained.  The challenge, however, remained.  Each year we strive to make every aspect of the golf course a better, and more enjoyable, product.  
CGC finally paid attention to the clubhouse as we made dramatic changes inside.  New windows were installed last fall in the bar area. A cedar railing with black, aluminum ballusters were installed in the bar and restaurant area, which used to be the wall separating the dining room and the bar, thanks to Goodwin Construction.  The wall in question was last worked on about 50 years ago.  How do we know?  We discovered five Schlitz cans dated 1969 buried in the wall that was removed!  The clubhouse is now a destination for everyone to come out and enjoy your favorite beverage, even if you don’t golf, because the views are stunning.
The men’s restroom was gutted and remodeled and is an upgrade beyond expectations.  Be sure to look at the original plans for the greens hanging on the wall.  They might give you insight on how to make your next birdie putt.  
The Turn will be the name of the restaurant that is due to open on May 16th.  It will be open seven days a week, for sure until Labor Day, offering limited, but delicious, breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Friday night fish will still be a solid mainstay, but the addition of St. Louis-style BBQ Ribs on Saturday will make The Turn and CGC a weekend destination for more than just golf.
Change has been good for the Cumberland Golf Club.  I can confidently say that CGC is better now than when I took over in April of 2013. However, I must leave CGC to spend time with my son, so I have decided to move on to be close to him. I want to thank everyone in the Cumberland area, and beyond, for their overwhelming support through my four plus years here.  I have encountered a community of people with gigantic hearts, who have been supportive and welcoming, and have made my time in Cumberland a truly special time and in a truly special place.  I thank you for your dedication to the golf course and to this community.  To all the staff, past and present, CGC would not be the place it is today without you.  To all the members, thank you.  To all of you, you will be missed and I wish you continued success and the very best. 


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